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Mateusz Nowak

North West Physical Therapy

For over 17 years Mateusz has been helping people get over Bumps, Sprains, Rips and Tears using a combination of Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Dermo Neuro Modulating.
North West Physical Therapy clinic offers you a fully professional service, including complete diagnosis of the problem, Finding its reason and selecting a full recovery plan.
Full co-operation with the patient during every treatment in the selection of appropriate treatments.
Each patient will receive an appropriately selected set of exercises after every treatment.
In 2000 after finishing medical school in Bytom, Poland. Mateusz was working for 5 years as a physiotherapist in medical centre in Poland. In 2014 he successful graduated of Neuromuscular Therapy certificate in Galway.

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