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Daniel Raburski Mr.

RABURSKI Sports Massage & Physical Therapy

In 2018, I set up and launched Raburski Massage/Therapy with a mission to guide my clients to pain-free movement and the prevention of long-term injury. Working with each client to identify muscular and skeletal imbalance, and the source of pain and restricted movement. Each session providing expert therapy to alleviate the problem, and aftercare advice to ensure long-lasting results.

I have my own therapy studio at the Stables, Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, outside Gorey and I also practice one day in Lifestyle Fitness in Enniscorthy, both in Co. Wexford.

I will carry out a visual and physical assessments through a series of orthopaedic tests to determine the best course to achieve pain-free movement. Based on the outcome, treatment may include a combination of techniques, such as manual therapy (sports injury and orthopaedic bodywork, myoskeletal (musculoskeletal) alignment therapy (MAT), or deep tissue massage), therapeutic myofascial tool, postural assessment and therapy, myofascial release. As your therapist, I will provide you with a program of stretching and strengthening exercises that include postural correction so that your treatment can continue beyond your therapy session.

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