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Thank you for your membership application for the Association of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapists (ANMT).

We will review your application and once confirmed your details will be displayed on the Association Website.

We will send a separate email with a receipt for your payment.

The details you provided during the application process are as follows:

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PRACTICE ADDRESS: [field id=”member_address”][remove_line_if_field_empty]

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YOUR WEBSITE: [field id=”member_website”][remove_line_if_field_empty]

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You have indicated that you are satisfied that the information you have provided is accurate and that you understand that the Association may contact you to clarify details where required.

If any of the information shown above is incorrect, please contact us to have errors rectified.

Karen Cosgrave

16a Saint Joseph’s Parade
Dorset Street
Dublin 7
D07 F6CR

Tel: 01 830 7063

This email (including any attachments) is confidential, privileged and may be used only by the person to whom it is addressed. If you are not the addressee (or a servant or agent obliged to deliver it to the addressee) then you may not read, disseminate, print, copy, store or otherwise use it. If you have received it in error, please notify the Association by replying to the address from which it was sent and delete it from your system. This email and its attachments may have been altered without the author’s knowledge or consent. Any views expressed are personal to the author, except where specifically stated to be the views of The Association. The ANMPT accepts no liability of any kind either for any errors arising as a result of electronic transmission or for any loss or damage which may be sustained by any person as a result of this email and/or its attachments being communicated to any person other than the intended recipient.

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